Transforming The Food Economy
3-5 November, 2017 | Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, India


Mr. Neeraj Kakkar

Mr. Neeraj Kakkar

Designation : Co-founder and CEO

Company : Paper Boat - Hector Beverages

Industry : Food & Beverage Industry (FMCG)

Headquarters : Bangalore, Karnataka

Speaking in : Globalizing Traditional Foods of India

Global Presence :

  • Negligible global presence. However, looking to enahnce it in coming years.

India Presence :

  • The brand has a strong presence in Urban centers of India, India. Hector Beverages presently has two manufacturing facilities, one in Mysuru and one in Delhi.

Company Profile :

  • Paper Boat is a brand of Traditional Indian Beverages. The product consists of traditional, authentic indigenous Indian drinks that are packaged in single serving, flexible pouches. As of May 2017, fourteen flavor varieties are produced. The beverages are produced using local spices, fruit, flowers and pulses, and some of the fruits grow wild, such as jamun and kokum. Hector Beverages has contracted with fruit processors and has encouraged some farmers "to cultivate the fruits to ensure a stable supply.

Personal Profile :

  • Neeraj is co-founder and CEO of Hector Beverages, the makers of Paper Boat drinks, traditional Indian beverages. It is one of the fastest growing consumer goods brands in India for last couple of years. He is a graduate from Wharton Business School. He was awarded the highest academic honour, ‘The Palmer Scholar’ from University of Pennsylvania.

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